My name is Stephanie. I am a 27-year-old follower of Jesus, with a past that has been redeemed, a testimony to share, revelations to explore, and a burn in my finger tips to write.

Here is a bit of my story.

My past is riddled with struggle and bad decisions. Ones that have brought me through many journeys of healing with the Lord, many journeys of grace with my husband, and many journeys of forgiveness with myself.  I struggled with my self-worth, my identity, dating, purity, alcohol, and marijuana, and more.

I became pregnant out of wedlock at age 19. Little did I know, my daughter was my angel.  She opened my eyes to the ugliness and dangers of this world while simultaneously showing me the beauty of life, selflessness, motherhood, and most importantly, that there is hope and redemption in Jesus.  It’s because of her that I found the desire to eliminate drinking and drug use. It’s because of her that I sought out Jesus for help and wisdom on how to do something I hadn’t prepared for at all. And boy did He answer.

I started this blog a few years ago as a single mother, who had just entered into the realm of dating as a follower of Jesus – a whole different beast when looking at it through God’s eyes and through the lens of the big gaping wounds and confusion I’d collected from trying to do it my own way for so long. God called me for months to write – telling me to share my experiences, all He had taught me, and to share the beauty and empowerment in the Word. Fear of failure kept me at a distance until I finally obeyed and submitted my journey to the Lord. He can now use my past for His glory because I have chosen to let Him. I’ve chosen to step out of the boat.

This is God turning my ugly past into something beautiful.

I am overjoyed and so humbled by the comments and e-mails. They are proof that my past will not be in vain and that I am on a mission God has made for me.

I got married on June 8th, 2014 to an absolutely amazing man of character and of God.  He has taught me so much and has shown me how a woman should be loved and treated. I can truthfully say that good men are out there, that they are more than worth the wait, and that you will never regret giving your dating life, your purity, your time, or your attention to the Lord while you navigate through the single life. Never.

Now, as a married woman, I hope to explore all that God has for within marriage as well – sex and intimacy, respect, pride, the role of a wife, what it means to be submissive, battling the enemy, blended family life, you name it. Marriage is the most sacred relationship we can have on earth apart from the one we have with Jesus, so it is not for sissies. I’m amazed at the growth I’ve experienced over the last year and the passion God has put in my heart to prepare young women hoping to marry one day.

“What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” – Matthew 10:27


“Hello sister in Christ. I am writing from other part of world India. But when God wants to use his children place distance age doesn’t matter. Just stumbled across your blog no I guess it was God will for me to read it. It touched me encouraged me soo much. Hope God uses you more … Continue reading Distance and age do not limit the Lord…

Distance and age do not limit the Lord…

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how encouraged and hopeful I am, by reading and following your blog. I found your blog on a day I was feeling so desperate and down, searching for encouragement, something/anything that I can read, from someone (like myself) who had already “gone through” the … Continue reading Never lose hope…

Never lose hope…

43 thoughts on “About

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hello! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministries. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

  2. Carrington Fussell says:

    I am just so so excited to have found your blog! I am a 20 year old single mom and madly in love with Jesus! I, too, write a blog to try to help others {especially women}! I will definitely be coming back to your blog often. I’m so happy for you finding the man that God has for you!

    • John 7:53-8:11 says:

      I’m excited you did too, because your blog is extremely inspiring!! I love what you wrote about women and beauty. I’m so happy for you and your future husband. He’ll be so blessed by this time you’re spending growing in your faith and as a mother and as a woman!!

  3. Andrea says:

    Thank you for writing this blog! I pray that many young girls can read this and have their eyes truly opened. I like you had to learn things the hard way. Also like you I never had a true understanding of God until my son was born. His birth was truly awaking for me.
    I pray for your blog to reach success and your family! God bless you

  4. Cee Jay says:

    I find myself opening this blog almost daily. Thank you once again for sharing your experience. I am a 19 year old Christian who finally wants to settle down and make it right with the Lord!

  5. Hannah Holter says:

    I too am a 24 year old single mother to a beautiful daughter. Your blog as moved me so much ms encouraged me! I feel so alone sometimes and as if no one really understands all of the joys, struggles, love and frustration that follows being a single mom. So thank you! I’d love to talk if you are ever up for it.

    • John 7:53-8:11 says:

      I know exactly what you mean!! E-mail me anytime you want to chit-chat, SYChristianMom@gmail.com. God will bring you a great friend, I remember praying for one for forever, it seemed. God will bring you another woman that will walk along side you with Christ! God bless, praying for you!!

  6. Christina says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words! You’re definitely comforting and helping me through this season of my life. 🙂

  7. Ashley Monique Quinones says:

    Thank you, Stephanie, for being obedient to God and creating this blog. You have reminded me (and many other young women) to stay focused on what the Lord says and not what the world says. I am going to be a freshman in college just a few weeks from now, and when temptation comes, I WILL come to your website for guidance. May you continue listening and obeying the Lord. He is good always!

    • John 7:53-8:11 says:

      Praying for you in the trials and temptations coming your way, but so happy for you that you have Jesus with you everywhere you go to help you through it all, something I so wish I would have known through those tough years of my life. You are destined to flourish and conquer with Him by your side!! SO glad that this blog has been a blessing to you. God bless 🙂

  8. Ashley A. says:

    I love this! I’m find myself being able to relate to you in so many ways,.. Having going through the same things, and coming out stronger by choosing to focus on Gods word and rest in him. You inspire me to do the same. To reach other young women who are mothers and feel downtrodden and burdend by the pressures of the world. God has created new life within me, rescued me when situations seemed so bleek… If only i can be a voice and light to my generation as you are! Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration to me.

    • John 7:53-8:11 says:

      You will be, sister. God has big plans for you – you have a big heart that breaks for others, and you WANT to be His hands and feet. You will be such a testimony of faith and God’s power. God bless you in your journey, and thank you so much for the blessings and encouragement, they mean so so much to me!! I’m so excited for you and all those you will touch!!

  9. Camille C. says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog today, and I am so overjoyed to see what God is doing through you! Your blog has already helped, encouraged, and reminded me of God’s overwhelming love and grace. You are a wonderful light and I will be praying for your ministry! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  10. Susan says:

    God is so good. I was on Pinterest late at night w/ heart heavy about specific situations. And then my late-night browse led me to this blessed site. Oh, how I wish you were a local here in Seattle and how I’d track you down and make you be my friend. I am a young (relatively – haha) divorced single mom of a beautiful 4 year old girl. I searched and searched for your email address so I can open up dialogue with you in hopes to gain some wisdom b/c I know that God is using you as a vehicle to communicate to me! Please reply back if you are ok with me sending you an email. I have questions, I need answers, I need hope, I need the Word of God to propel me to my future.

  11. Susan says:

    I just discovered your blog, and I’m very excited to read it. I am recently returning to my faith walk after some VERY rocky years with lots of alcohol, sex, self-hate, and more. I appreciate your honesty and openness.

  12. Jo Wilmer says:

    Stephanie…God uses ordinary woman to do extraordinary things. It is refreshing to see a young woman as yourself, step out and serve Christ using the experiences HE has allowed to mold and shape you into the woman HE desires you to be. You have been given your mission and it is clear. Pointing other’s to Christ first and then helping guide them in the steps of faith a “true” woman of faith should take. As a 60 yr old woman of grown children, I know there is much more HE has planned for you, and I pray that you will be especially blessed! JO / http://www.mwordsandthechristianwoman.com

  13. Maija Paulina says:

    Stephanie, your articles are very encouraging! Thank you for being so honest and bringing glory to God through this! I am very happy I found your blog. I will keep following your writings with excitement. Greetings from Latvia.

  14. stephanie alves says:

    Hey Steph! I’m not sure if this is going to reach you, I’m super new to blogs. Reading yours makes me want to start one of my own. I am truly happy to have come across this page. I’ve read your reasons to keep sex until marriage, and the ways to fight temptation and even the results of waiting until marriage! I feel like I can relate almost everything to your story! I too am stephanie, I am 25 years old and I also have a daughter from a previous relationship that I could have sworn would have been my last. Thank God it wasn’t because when you really let God take control, He truly opens your eyes. Just when I decided to get baptized (even though I gave my heart to christ at a young age… id been battling with satan hardcore for years!) I never thought id date again. I never thought id meet someone on the same page as me when it came to relationship foundation and putting the Lord first. And there he was right under my nose. We actually went to get baptized together as well as my father. That was the moment I knew he wasn’t around for just any reason. Since then we’ve built on our 12 year friendship (which had not always been consistent ) and decided once we did have sex we would become official and “together forever”. But the Lord has recently shown me very different, thankfully!! 4 months into this relationship we have both decided to become abstinent and wait until we go before the Lord. And we are soo excited! And since this decision I cannot stop reading why its important to go through with this decision. I know my partner is fully with me. We both have children out of wedlock and not willing to afford anymore! I had to share that with you because I know exactly how you’ve felt! Its really reassuring when you love someone deeply and trust that they will remain abstinent with you. Respect is a beautiful thing!! The Lord has blessed us both, and I cannot wait to see what he has for our future. Thanks for sharing Steph! And thank you for allowing me to share as well. All the best in your marriage, God willing.. and congrats! God bless!

    • Single Young Christian Mom says:

      WOW what a testimony. Thank you so much for sharing, Stephanie. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! And I know it will be so encouraging for others to read as well. God bless you guys, so excited for you both and for your children. They will be so blessed by you two!!

  15. etracy905 says:

    Im so glad I found this blog, Ive only had a chance to read your about me so far but your story is so beautiful and gives me so much hope. My story seems so similar to yours. I’m a 21 year old single mom (although her dad is still around and for at least a couple more months we are living together. .. so it feels weird to even call myself that) anyways you seem amazing I’m so glad I found this! God bless. I have a blog too.. It doesn’t have a ton of content yet but if you want to check it out babywomanblog.wordpress.com

  16. ellie says:

    I am a recently single mother (20 years old) of a 5 month old son. I too am a Christian who swayed a long way from God and found myself in a relationship with a man who never valued me or my faith, but who (out of worries about self worth) I held on to for dear life. I found myself with a son out of wedlock 5 months ago. And although it is not how id hoped or dreamed my life would turn out, God has showered me with more love and grace and forgiveness than I have ever felt possible. It has been through my son that he has brought me home to him.
    I felt called by God to leave my sons father and raise him with his father as friends.
    However, I am really struggling to believe that someday someone will want me and my son also. I am now a complicated package deal with more baggage than most would care to carry.
    Your blog is so incredibly encouraging! I was hoping I could somehow hear more of your story?

  17. Chloe says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I hope you see this comment. I just want you to know that your blog is so encouraging to me. God lead me to it when I was feeling really alone in my situation. I’m a young, single, Christian mom. I had my son at 20 and I’m 22 now. Seeing this blog reminds me I’m not alone and that there is hope. God has a beautiful plan for me. And seeing your testimony reaffirms that belief.
    And then to scroll up and see even more young single moms commenting with the same story, it gives me strength.

    Thank you so much for your blog. I’m also a big fan of Captivating. That book changed my life. So much that I’m reading it again now hoping to discover even more revelation. That book was one of the biggest turning points in my relationship with Christ. So I’m glad you’re encouraging young women to read it! Every woman and man should read their books.

    One last thing, God revealed to me one of your scriptures on the side bar. Acts 18:9 “Do not be afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent.” Lately, I’ve been feeling afraid and silent. Not motivated to pray. In deep depression. And wow I was just scrolling and that scripture stood out. And I felt strengthened.

    So anyways, know that you’re an inspiration. This past year I have come across all sorts of people whose stories and testimonies have brought me to revelation, have strengthened me, and have encouraged me. Their trials were used to glorify God and help another get through their trial. So yours encouraged me. Glory to God for calling you to writing. And thank you so much for sharing your story. 🙂

    • Single Young Christian Mom says:

      Thank you so much for commenting. I can’t tell you how much your encouragement has blessed me. You’ve strengthened my resolve to continue writing, and it couldn’t have come at a more needed time. God bless you in your walk, sister!!!

  18. jennifer files says:

    Dear Stephanie
    I am a 16 almost 17 year old teenage girl and I just started reading some of your blogs today. I just recently started liking a guy for the first time and I found this through pintrest on dating help for teenage Christian girls and it really helped. I have been praying about this and I thank God that I have parents who bring me to church and my grandfather is my pastor. Thank you for you words of wisdom. My Bible along with this blog will help me go down the straight and narrow way. oh and what version do you believe in. Thank you -Jennifer

    • Single Young Christian Mom says:

      I admittedly haven’t done much research on the different versions to be able to pick a favorite, but my mom bought me a new NIV Bible with my initials engraved on the cover and I LOVE it. God bless you on this next chapter of your life, keep your eyes and ears on God before all else, sister!!

  19. Lisette says:

    I am a freshman in high school and of course sex is something I’ve been brutally awakened to. I am a follower of Christ, however have been recently having doubts about sex. Would I ever find a boyfriend if I waited until marriage? Would anyone ever like me? Would I be able to resist that temptation? However, my outlook has been COMPLETLEY rearranged thanks to your blog. I am now fully aware of the consequences and can confidentially say that I too will wait until marriage. Thank you so much!

    • Single Young Christian Mom says:

      Lisette, I cannot tell you how happy I am reading your comment. My biggest wounds and regrets are buried deep in the sexual immorality of my past. When I got married, I had to re-learn what God intended sex to be because everything I had experienced was so far from His design. I am so so so happy that you’ve decided to fight for your purity and be obedient to the Lord. He knows what is best for us, and you WILL NOT regret it. It will save you from all the men that don’t deserve you until you meet the one man that does 🙂 God bless you, sister!!

  20. Hope says:

    My bestfriend sent me a pin on pintrest about 9 ways to date Gods way, and shortly after that I found myself reading all your posts! 🙂 As a Christian teen going on to adulthood, your blog posts answered a lot of my questions about purity and marriage. I’m really thankful for your blog posts 🙂 I do have one question though: what are your thoughts on not kissing before getting married? I have made a decision to save myself for my husband in every way as a young teen, and whenever I share my opinion of kissing w/ anyone else, they find it weird and question my reasons. Honestly I have no answer because just deep down in my heart I feel that it’s right, and i want to get to know my bf or fiancé on just a talking level beforr I jump into anything… Your opinion?
    XoXo Naveah Hope

    • Single Young Christian Mom says:

      Hope, thank you for commenting! I honestly believe that if the Lord has laid that on your heart and convicted you of it, then there is a reason He has done it! I know that that is uncommon, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, so I want to encourage you in that. God convicts people of certain things for a reason, and it is always for our best interest, even though we cannot always see it. Stay true to yourself and to the Lord! It’s so inspiring to read how bold and strong you going against the world!! Keep seeking God on it and asking Him for wisdom in that area. God bless you, sister!!

  21. Alexis says:

    Hey! I want to thank you so much for creating this blog! I’ve even advertised it on my instagram it is so helpful! For a good length of time, I’ve been really struggling with my guy friend. I’m going to be straight forward and say that it would mean the absolute world to me if I could speak to you via email. I’m so big on not trying to bother people with my struggles, but I feel like if I don’t talk to someone who has overcome trials like mine, I will go into a emotional & mental breakdown. I’ve prayed so much about this and I have asked for God’s will on this. I keep hearing Him say “Wait, not yet,” when speaking to Him about my friend; however, I also feel a very spiritual, strong urge to not give up on my friend & our relationship. It’s so hard for us to wait & I don’t feel like I help him at all in his spiritual journey, yet that is what I have prayed about & felt The Lord tell me that I need to do. Not being ridiculous here, but I seriously feel that the Lord has put this situation in my life so that I can grow strong in my faith and so that I can be strong for my friend. I’ve NEVER in my life struggled with temptation that has brought me to tears because it is so difficult to resist. My friend, he believes that Jesus died for our sins & rose again; however, he seems almost intimidated by people at a more mature spiritual level. His friends are not encouraging his spiritual walk, nor is his family. I’m the only one that exposes him to it. And I feel like it is not my task to CHANGE him, but to pray for him & encourage him in his walk with Christ. I know that I cannot change him. I don’t know what me, a girl, can say to him, a guy, to spark his heart. I feel that it would be more effective for a guy to speak to him, yet all of his male friends could care less about this. I love his soul & being unconditionally. I’ve even prayed that if it would help him grow more spiritually for me to be away from him, then let it be. I met him in 8th grade ( yes i know) and he hurt my feelings and so I stopped talking to him up until 12th. Those 3 years after 8th, I had nothing but bitterness & MADE myself believe that I hated him and I didn’t even want to be in the same room with him because my true feelings for him HURT tremendously. I loved him. I always did. I always will. He pursued me constantly for those 3 years. He was nothing but a gentleman, an encourager, an amazing friend. I was actually the one who needed correcting. I finally let go & listened to what I believe now was the Holy Spirit. We started talking again at the beginning of senior year and are still talking to this day. We do not date. We decided together that we are not ready for that, but might as well say we do date. I’ve prayed for God to ignite his soul and grow him spiritually. I’ve asked the Lord, that if he wills it, that when He grows my friend into a God-fearing, God-loving, & Christ-like man, will He allow him to pursue me, my hand, and my heart in marriage. I ask this only if the Lord wills it. I pray for His will to be done. All I keep hearing is: Wait. Stay encouraged. Not yet. More and more I’ve been seeing my friend do little things that are different. I feel him starting to change in a good way. But just when it seems to get good, we both fail due to temptation. I just pray that anybody who sees this will PLEASE pray for me and my friend. Ironically his name is Christian. I would leave him alone if I knew that it would allow him to grow spiritually. Honestly, this may sound weird, but this year has been full of failures & trials dealing with Christian, yet I’ve never felt so close to God. I’ve never grown this much spiritually. I was literally at a standstill in my walk until I started talking with Christian again. And I’m not saying that he is the reason I have grown, but that God HAD to have known what He was doing when He brought Christian back into my life. I KNOW God is working in my friend’s life. I’ve prayed for him every single day since we started talking again. And i’ve prayed for him even before. I understand that God & the Holy Spirit is telling me not yet & to wait & not give up. It just scares me that if I stop communication with Christian, our relationship will wither. I pray every night for God to please protect him. I pray for his soul every night. I cry out to God for him every night. I LOVE God more than anything in my life & more than life itself. So if you would, can you please get back to me. I just need to hear some encouragement, maybe God will give you the words that I need to hear. I’ve seriously that about just walking away & quitting. But then i strongly feel like I am here for a reason & that I am in christian’s life for a reason. I just want him to experience the relationship with The Lord like I am. I do my best to let him breathe, not smother him, & not force my beliefs on him. Christian has hardened his heart and that absolutely demolishes my heart when I think about it. Thank you dearly for listening to me.

    • Single Young Christian Mom says:

      Alexis, this sounds like a really tough situation. I guess where I would start is to ask God for some more direction on what He means by “not yet” and “wait.” Does He mean there needs to be a little bit more distance put between you for the time being? Does that mean He wants you to continue to pursue him as a friend but to establish boundaries to eliminate the temptations of more than friendship? Seek God on that and ask Him to convict you of some boundaries. If He’s telling you to wait, then it is only to protect you AND Christian, and it is in the best interest of you both. It is great that you are seeking the Lord so much on this. Keep asking for guidance and He will make it clearer and clearer. Just don’t forget that even if what He asks is not what you want, He is asking out of love. Also, keep in mind that the enemy is hard at work with your relationship with Christian as well. Ask God to shed some truth on that so that you can equip yourself to recognize the attacks and fight them. The enemy wants to make your walk and Christian’s walk as difficult as he can, or to put distance between God and you both. Don’t let him win! God will help you both to fight! Praying for you in this difficult time, sister. God bless you, and thank you for writing and being so honest!

  22. Emigh says:

    Hi, I just have to let you know what a blessing your blog is to me! I am in a very similar situation right now in my own life. A 21 year old, single, Christian mom to just a 2 month old. Thisjourney has been difficult but it has certainly brought me closer to God. And I know he directed me to read this blog. I am always searching online to read something encouraging that relates to me, in hopes of some inspiration and faith while I wait for the right guy to come along. Your blog brought me to tears. I so hope you continue to write more.It’s so nice to find someone whom I can relate so well to!

  23. Emigh says:

    Hi, I cannot explain to you how much of a blessing your blog has been to me. I am always looking online for something to read that might relate to what I am going through. I too am a young, single, Christian Mom. A fairly new one at that. And this journey has been difficult but has certainly brought me closer to God. I know he lead me to this blog. And tears have been shed reading everything you have written because I needed to hear so much of it. It’s an inspiration and very much helps the hurt and pain I am going through with my son. And it gives me hope for our future.

    • Single Young Christian Mom says:

      Oh, Emigh, I am tearing up reading this!! It is such a blessing and a great confirmation to me that I am on God’s path. I am praying especially for you, dear sister, for strength, encouragement, and lots of wisdom as you walk this unique path of faith we have. Your son will be forever blessed by your resilience and faith in the Lord!!!

  24. Shauntil says:

    Happy Anniversary! I just so happened to come on here today on your wedding anniversary. I find joy in your posts and reading them helps me understand how I should be in my relationship with my friend (I dont like to say boyfriend). Thank you for your posts and I hope to read more from you. God Bless you!

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