“I will not teach my kids about safe sex because there is no such thing”

Link to the article by Matt Walsh: “I will not teach my kids about safe sex because there is no such thing

This is an absolutely astounding article – so many great points in so many great words.  Also a great perspective on having that important conversation with your kids in the future.  Thankful for this article!!


4 thoughts on ““I will not teach my kids about safe sex because there is no such thing”

  1. huseyin says:

    May I be so bold as to add a counterpoint article here? I believe that educating about safer sex (notice the letter ‘r’ there) is an integral part of a complete sex & relationships education. And remember that this information isn’t only useful for teenagers having sex outside of a marriage – it is also important knowledge that can be used within marriage, for other medical purposes (the contraceptive pill has tons of uses), and much more.

    • John 7:53-8:11 says:

      Yes, I totally agree. With my future talk with my daughter, I plan on explaining the contraceptives thoroughly and what they can prevent – but also talking about the side effects and problems that can occur with them. The biggest part of this future talk of mine will be on what God made sex to be – that emotional, chemical, spiritual bond, as well as for physical pleasure. Nothing can protect from the wounds that result from having sex with somebody that is not your spouse, which is something totally overlooked in sex ed courses, and in the “sex talk” from parent to child. That is the most important part I believe! I totally agree with you – there is a “safer” sex physically, but nothing more than that. Thank you for your insight!

  2. Susie says:

    It’s true that condoms can have microscopic tears that let semen and disease through, and that hormonal pills can subtly distort your body’s reaction to your partner. But whatever you tell your kids about sex, please let them know that if they make a mistake you’ll be there for them with open arms.

    My parents were so shaming to me that even though I’m no longer that humiliated, terrified and distraught teenager who made a terrible, rebellious mistake….the pain of how they treated me after still hurts. It traumatized me further.

    And I know they didn’t mean to, but they did. And they made me feel like God was ashamed of me too. I forgive them and we all learned how to be better, but please remember that teens do make choices they regret.

    • Single Young Christian Mom says:

      A great point. My best friend experienced something so similar, and I learned a lot from hearing her story and her perspective. When she confessed her mistakes to her parents, the reaction of her mother, in particular, was very condemning. She explained how different that experience would have been if they had been an example of God’s grace rather than defining her by the sin she regretted already. She said from then on she felt more broken and hopeless than before. Thanks for the great reminder, Susie, that is a great point!!!

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