The Awesomesauce of Mommy/Daddy-hood

We’ve heard over and over again to trust in God.  But I just learned something else about trust with God:

It’s a two-way street.

Yep, the Creator of the Universe trusts you, too.

How do I know?  I have a great example: look at your baby!

I know that the love a parent has for their child is immeasurable, but God loves them more than we as parents EVER will.

He is sending His beloved, perfect, unique, awesome little miracle to this broken and dangerous world because he knows you are the PERFECT match for them.  He trusts you to mold, teach, discipline, encourage, and love them.  Most importantly, He trusts you to help them grow up knowing Him and to show them what it means to follow Jesus.  

Through all the mistakes and all the triumphs of parenting, you are doing God’s will raising your baby in faith and love.

That’s the Awesomesauce of Mommy/Daddy-hood.


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