Keep it simple.

It all began in the shower.

Scrubbing away at my 5 day layer of grease in my hair one night, processing through the day, planning for tomorrow, la la la, scrub scrub scrub.

“Pray for your husband.” The thought just pops into my mind.

“Oh yeah, okay. That’s super important. I should block out some time one night this week, sit down with my journal and Bible, and write out a prayer letter. That’ll be awesome… I really should make a War Room… I really should make praying for my husband part of my daily routine in general…”

Then it occurred to me.


I don’t need to make it an eloquent event, I need to pray for my husband. Right here, right now. Doesn’t need to be a half hour of my time and undivided attention. I will pray for him as I shower. As the Lord told me.

That’s when I realized I was over-complicating a lot of things, and consequently putting them off because I don’t have time for an over-complicated, elaborate new routine.

I realized I was being disobedient because I had an expectation of myself that was not of God.

Here’s another example.

The Lord told me to start teaching my daughter about the promises of God.

“Cool! I’ll start gathering scripture, preparing which promise to talk about which day. Maybe sit down together after school to go over some scripture together! That’ll be sah-weeeet!!”

Wait, no.

That’s very complicated and I don’t have time to prepare curriculum for these conversations with my daughter.

That’s when I just started having authentic, real conversations with my daughter in the car, on the way to wherever it was we had to be. She started reminding me, “Remember you were going to teach me something about Jesus every day?” That’s when I knew she was getting hungry. And that’s because the Spirit must have been speaking through me and into her. God didn’t need me to prepare some great speech or Bible study. He just wanted me to be obedient and trust that He would move.

So, lesson learned. Don’t over-complicate. Keep it simple. Don’t put an unrealistic expectation on part of your spiritual walk or else you may never even be able to start.

Thanking the Lord for this revelation He gave to me, and thrilled that one more lie has been revealed and pruned from my life!!!


2 thoughts on “Keep it simple.

  1. Anderlan says:

    Wow, God’s timing is amazing. I am commited to reading the word and praying for my daughter daily and I just started doing this consistently about 3 weeks ago. So thankful for this post because on some days I would miss a bible reading or not write in my journal about what I read and I couldn’t deny the feeling that I had to keep a very rigid schedule on my prayer time and setting in order to follow and keep the Word relevant in my life, as well as hope that God heard my prayers. And I kid you not, 2 nights ago I was in the shower and thought to myself, “I want to pray right now, but is now the right time?” Shower time for me is peaceful and relaxing (especially as a mom LOL), and I really wanted to give that time to God. Unfortunately I didn’t and it bothered me because it made me believe that God will only hear me if I present myself in a religous and consistent way. Now I see that it was just the devil trying to confuse me and steal time away from me talking with God.

    Well, NO MORE! God has reavealed to me through your post that he accepts me as I am and I am thankful for that! Thank you so much for posting!

    • Amen, sister!!! Well said!!! The enemy doesn’t get to steal our joy and peace!!! And he certainly doesn’t get to tell us when our prayers are or are not effective!!! Praising God that He spoke to you about this and for the peace that will flow out of it!!!

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