Learning My True Identity In Christ by Rick Warren

I’m going through a bit of a Rick Warren binge. He is an incredible speaker. I love listening to his messages while washing the dishes, driving in the car, cleaning… God has really been speaking to me through his messages.

I have never thought about an identity through Christ in the way that he describes it. He qualifies and quantifies it. He explains this idea through tangible examples.

My revelation during this message:

While I was listening to this message for myself, God spoke into my heart not about my value, worth, and identity in Christ – but that of my husband. We have been going through some tough times in our marriage lately, and the enemy has been filling my head with all sorts of doubts, fears, and insecurities as well as criticisms of my husband. There was a growing rift between us as we started to pull further and further away out of mistrust and disappointment in each other.

When I listened to this message, God was quantifying my husbands worth verbally to me. He was telling me just how valuable he is to Him. He was telling me that he was worth dying on the cross for, that he is valuable because he is a child of God, who created him thoughtfully and purposefully. He did not create him to be anybody but who he is. He did not create him to be anywhere but where he is in his faith walk. God is not surprised, God understands how He created him, He did so intentionally and for an awesome reason. All I have to do is trust that He is working and value, honor, uplift, and show my husband the unconditional love he deserves. He is a brother in Christ first and foremost. And that really changes my view of him and silences those criticisms.

I love the part where he talks about unconditional love. Ethan and I used to say to each other all the time, “I love you because (fill in the blank).” But it’s in these times, while we are going through periods of change and evolution of character that we need unconditional love. We need to receive it and we need to give it. To say, “I love you. Period.” Love is a choice, and love is also a feeling. I think we are capable of unconditionally loving (in our imperfect, human way) when we first choose to love somebody in spite of themselves, and after that choice is made, the feeling of love ensues.

Making it my goal to continue to see others through this lens when my flesh wants to say otherwise. There is a greater purpose for everybody, there is an awesome Creator at the root of everybody, and they are loved unconditionally by the One we try to reflect.


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