Question: Suicidal and I Just Hate Myself

An amazing response to an authentic cry for help. Please read the article below by J.S. Park if you struggle with suicide, depression, or self harm.

When that broken record starts to play in your head (“I hate myself” I’m so stupid” “I don’t deserve happiness” “I’m so ugly” OR “you’re so ugly” “you’re so messed up” “you’re not worth saving”) try speaking the Word OUT LOUD. Stand on the truth of the Word. Find scripture that directly combats the lies you struggle with most and put satan in his place! It’s awkward at first, but that’s one way Jesus handled it (in the desert), so this is how we can fight too.

Love this video of Joyce Meyer – “How do you talk back to the devil?”

J.S. Park

Anonymous asked:

There are times where I just want to die, sometimes I just want to hurt myself, sometimes I curse myself, sometimes I cannot look straight in the mirror because I hate how i look, sometimes I call myself names so that I would never feel good about myself. I am a Christian and I tried so hard to tell this to my churchmates but no one really cared.

Dear beloved friend,

I totally applaud your bravery and honesty in writing this. As much as you might not hear this right now, please know you are loved, we care about you, and many of us have struggled with the same exact self-doubts. You are NOT alone, and I will pray for you. I am praying for you now and I did before writing this.

To feel this way does NOT make you a bad person. You have a worth…

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