5 Statistical Facts About Sexual Purity from Published Reports

This was a list of facts given to Ethan and I when we signed up to be married through our church.  I am going to list them as they are.  These are not my opinions, these are statistics collected and expanded upon in research.  They’re legit.

1. Those who abstain from sex before marriage report the highest levels of sexual satisfaction in marriage.  In fact, those who report they are very sexually satisfied in their lives are not good-looking singles who have multiple partners.  Research done by Bethesda Research Group reported in the Washington Post, “Couples who strongly believe that sex outside of marriage is wrong are a whopping 31% more satisfied with their sex lives.” (From The Hottest Valentine”)

2. “Those who cohabitate or live together before marriage have a 50% higher possibility of divorce than those who do not.”  Researchers at UCLA discovered that not only do those who cohabitate have a higher level of divorce, they are more likely to commit adultery once they are married. (From M.D. Newcomb and P.M. Bentler, “Assessment of Personality and Demographic Aspects of Cohabitation and Marital Success,” Journal of Personality Assessment)

3. By contrast, the University of South Carolina in a study said that those who abstain from sexual intercourse before marriage have the highest rates of marriage fidelity. (From L. H. Bukstel, G.D. Roeder, PR Kilmann, J Laughlin, and W Sotile, “Projected Extramarital Sexual Involvement in Unmarried College Students,” Journal of Marriage and the Family)

4. “The introduction of sex in a dating relationship is almost always the ushering in of the breakup of that relationship.” Doctors Les and Leslie Parrott made this statement after interviewing thousands of single people on college campuses.  (From Relationships)

5. “Sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, can remain dormant, asymptomatic (you don’t know you have it), for up to a dcade or more, but be passed on to others during that time.”  The rampant spread of STDs flatly contradicts those who try to claim that sexual intercourse is a harmless recreational activity to be pursued with a large number of partners.  People are paying with their lives and their health for accepting that lie. (From Ibid., 139)


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