To the bullies, the bullied, & the in-betweeners


To the bullies:

I know that you want to fit in, deeply.  I know that you’ve got your own flaws to hide.  I know that you’ve gotten hurt.  Take a step back and look at life from your victim’s eyes.  Think about how embarrassed, how hurt, how helpless they feel when you back them into a corner.

Don’t attack God’s creation.  God created them perfectly.  You bullying somebody is you criticizing and belittling the work of the Creator.  The same God that created you.  He loves them just as anybody else, and they are vital to Him and His plan.

Ask God for forgiveness.  Don’t be afraid to turn and face your “friends” in defense of the one being attacked.  God will bless you for protecting His child, and your brother/sister in Christ.  Maybe, at some point, you can ask the person you’ve hurt for forgiveness.  That would be extremely freeing for you and extremely healing for them.

To the in-betweeners:

Pray for strength.  Pray for the strength to defend the ones being attacked around you.  Pray for the bullies.  Pray for the right words and the courage to stand up to them.

Pray for wisdom and a compassionate heart so that you can help those under attack, whether it be how to handle it next time or how to help them cope.

Reach out to the weak and stand up to the strong.  God will be right by your side, and He will be so proud of you.

To the bullied:

My heart goes out to you.  Middle school and High school were awful for me.  Keep in mind: hurting people hurt people.  Pray that Jesus gives you the strength to stand tall each day, even when you’re hurting.  Pray that he shows your how much HE loves you, that is your true worth.  Pray that he helps you heal.

Remember – those that attack you have no right to judge you, they do not know your heart like your Father, they do not know your struggles, they do not know your strengths.  And they WILL in turn be judged accordingly (Matthew 7:1-5).

Let God handle the punishments (Romans 12:19).  Do NOT try to get even.

“Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult.  On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because this you are called to do so that YOU may inherit a blessing.” – 1 Peter 3:9

However, there is a fine line between “turning the other cheek” and getting stepped all over.  It took me into my twenties to figure it out.  There is a point when they need to be stopped.  Give them a warning, and then act.  By act, I mean tell grown-ups that will make them stop – parents, teachers, counselors, principals… Or if you’re feeling a push to handle it yourself, pray for the right words and the courage to do it.  Don’t be afraid to reach out for help or to change your situation entirely if need be.  By that I mean consider switching schools or doing the online public school or deleting your facebook, twitter… You don’t need to stick it out and suffer unnecessary heartache.

Pray for good friends.  Pray for friends that will help you in your journey, stick by your side, strengthen you, and be there when you need help healing.  God will put them in your path.

I know that this is hard to do, but give it a shot – try to keep your mind on Jesus and His love for you, and then if those hurtful things happen, ask Him to show you what He thinks of you.

You are loved, you are wonderful, you are beautiful, you are just as He wants you to be.  Anybody that doesn’t see that is blind.

If you are being bullied because of your faith, DO NOT WAVER.  He sees what you’re going through, He will see your strength, courage, and love for Him through it all, and He will be so pleased.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me” – Jesus (Mark 5:10-11)

2 thoughts on “To the bullies, the bullied, & the in-betweeners

  1. You are a very inspiring person. Your words of wisdom concerning our Father’s creations are amazing. I assure you that I will return to visit this blog again. 🙂

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